Shiny happy people

The new subtle metallics make you glow and add shine to everyday outfits.

It may be getting colder and darker outside, but inside we subtly put ourselves in the spotlight with softly shining clothes. Gone are the ultra shiny metallics of previous seasons: shine in soft champagne, romantic ivory and cool pewter this winter. Shine on shine is allowed: see how well the softly romantic ivory-white blouse with ruffles around the shoulder panel works over the trendy tin-coloured satin trousers with a relaxed, tapered fit. Swap the trousers for a skirt in the same material to make your outfit just that bit more tidy for a late afternoon cocktail. A top in shimmering champagne shimmers in combination with a denim, but easily gets a place of honour in your party wardrobe. If you prefer to keep it small, combine a silvery white bag or scarf with a gold stripe and a soft balloon-sleeved knit. Done.


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