Off the Grid

The end of a warm, long summer: fall is starting. While the leaves on the trees are turning from green into warm orange, dark yellow and red, you are slowly moving back to the rhythm of your daily life. Thereby, get yourself inspired by our fall 2022 collection, in which those colors play the main role.

A nice forest walk, a long trail walk or a stroll on the beach; an appropriate outfit for each activity. You can enjoy the forest with boots, warm knits and a sturdy waistcoast to feel comfortable in the quiet coolness of fresh air. If you warm up by a cozy fire afterwards, a layer can easily be peeled off, or you can put on your items from the Active Wear.

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Make the days count

Going out together, seeing autumn up close in a cabin in the woods. Cooking on the winter barbecue and roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Of course, your warm clothes go in the weekend bag, from a woolen turtleneck in a warm orange color and a quilted kimono jacket in a patchwork print to your best jeans and denim jacket with a warm teddy collar.