New Naturals

Basic shades like beige and brown take the stage – complemented with a dash of cream.

A prominent theme on the catwalk and at Summum is the use of various nuances of beige with brown and white accents. Or simply call it coffee and coffee with a bit of ‘magic’, from espresso to black coffee with a dollop of whipped cream and from caffè mocca to a delightfully smooth café au lait with a side of whipped cream. An elegant colour theme with a taste for everyone! Fendi and Stella McCartney have showcased chic trousers in a light latte colour with a nonchalant silhouette and something hanging from the waist as a playful reference to the 80s. Max Mara has also opted for baggy comfort in the form of a super deluxe track suit with wide silk trousers and an oversized jacquard sweater. Louis Vuitton has opted for a more slick silhouette, with an oversized tailored jacket with integrated belt and straight leg trousers that drape nonchalantly over shoes.

When it comes to these colour shades, picture a trench coat in delicate and sophisticated caramel. This season, the classic coat is all the rage as a statement piece, with such details as dramatic lapels, interesting splits, a dropped waist and voluminous sleeves. After all, humble shades of coffee allow the design to shine – not to mention the woman wearing it because these colours are flattering to boot. Have a look at Summum’s version of the trench coat, our unique patchwork skirt with different shades of coffee and cream and the light jacket with baggy brown trousers with side pockets. Easy and fantastic combined with the basics already in your wardrobe. For the perfect finishing touch, you wear these looks with 70s clogs, as worn by the Queen of Boho Elegance Isabel Marant: attractive, comfortable and an advance on summer. Or combine them with strappy sandals when the occasion demands a more dressed-up look. Want to really shine? Hats are making a comeback. Finish off your perfect look with a nice Panama hat and you’re set for summer.

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