The roaring twenties

Yes! Our new magazine is available now. The winter collection 2021 is inspired by the roaring twenties. Did you already got your latest edition?

The enormous presence of metallics and shine arose from a need for daring and extravagance. We are wanting, hoping for and pleading for parties, drinks and dinners; everything that gives us a reason to appear in an amazing outfit. Silver is the big winner in this scenario, especially the silver-coloured party dress and the charming suit, which indicates that we’re ready for a new chapter.

Is this the beginning of a new Roaring Twenties? This period at the start of the 1920s was a reaction to the yearning for freedom and entertainment after World War I. And today, it’s after the pandemic. Go for it, because in our opinion it’s going to be an overdressed party feeling. This season is about contact and experience, not longer about distance but close, as much as possible. Wonderful! So live it up! To the max or in moderation, but get on with it. And not only on special occasions, but always.


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