Yellow Fresh

Soft butter yellow and straw are the go-to pastels right now. Good news: they look great on almost everyone.

Summer simply isn’t the same without pastels because they bring to mind piled high ice cream sundaes enjoyed at an outdoor café on the sunny coast. After years of pink dominance, buttersoft yellow – sometimes tending towards straw – is all the rage. The yellow is seldom bright, but soft and sun-bleached, so there’s no need for trepidation since soft yellow is very democratic and looks great on almost everyone. It’s especially stunning in a print, like the Summum blouse with leaf print or dress with all-over floral pattern and as an accent colour in the check of a jacket. Pastel yellow combines beautifully with off-white and subdued khaki. This monotone look lends itself perfectly to an interplay between various materials and textures, giving the outfit greater depth – especially during the daytime.

Look no further than Chloé, where designer Natacha Ramsay Levi has vigorously pursued essential items for the perfect everyday wardrobe, like a button-down dress made of smooth silk adorned with lace piping details and an asymmetrical knit. Bright green accessories provide an exciting colour accent, reminiscent of David Hockney painting. Prada’s first collection in partnership with Raf Simons features straight coats in new, slightly futuristic materials, with rounded shoulders and worn with casually rolled-up sleeves. Black press studs give the coat a spicy accent, as do pointy slingbacks with a kitten heel in a contrasting pastel colour. The new silhouette created by Fendi is a long, transparent tunic worn over wide trousers. This kind of matching set is the perfect alternative to a suit with coat, especially in version with a slightly shorter tunic and slimmer trousers, like the unparalleled straw yellow suit from Summum. Looks fantastic paired with a bag parodying home crafts, like the woven bags from Dior and The Row. If the combo ends up a little too sugary, sneakers and a sun visor or oversized sunglasses can rough it up a bit. Sweet Summum summer!

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