Jazz age

From the Roaring Twenties to today: Designers are completely embracing the party feeling of the Jazz Age, with glitter, glamour and radiance.

Returning to the original Roaring Twenties, the decade dubbed the Jazz Age. After a war and a pandemic, people wanted to celebrate life again. This transformation was also reflected in the fashion: the restrictive corset was out and clothing was richly decorated with fringe, bead embroidery and rhinestones. Toujours glamour! It’s not difficult to draw a parallel with 2021. The future is tentatively looking a bit rosier, and with it, daring and extravagance are returning to fashion.
Prada, Givenchy and Korean designer Rok Hwang take you back to the lavish Charleston parties, the sensual voice of Josephine Baker and the Great Gatsby ambience. Prada presented a provocative sensual collection, with its eye-catcher being a sequinned dress with an accompanying royal double-sided shawl made from sequins and faux fur. Summum’s must-have dress for the holidays is an airy lurex dress with various layers and ruffles around the shoulders. Prada offers an excellent styling cue: high-heeled shoes and a roomy shawl do the trick.
Givenchy’s Matthew Williams also designed a showstopper, with an ankle-length evening gown featuring large, overlapping sequins in a warm gradient colour palette. Just like Rokh, where the glamour is served on a platter due to rich materials such as velvet, wool and cashmere – see the ankle-length slip dress with silver fringe that dances diagonally around the body. Swinging fringe at No. 21 too, on super-sexy mini-skirts. Flapper, but not as you know it. It’s chic, chic and chic.
Still, the lockdown has had an effect: outfits are elegant and luxurious but easy and comfortable. Consider a complete look in satin, Fendi by way of example, where an ultra-short, asymmetrical bolero is worn together with boyish perfect pleated trousers. In the same vein, there is Summum’s beautiful rust-brown suit with short jacket with waistband and matching wide straight-legged trousers with stretch for optimal wearing comfort – Marlène Dietrich in the year 2021.
If you want to give this suit a little festive touch, adhere to this trend’s style motto: mix with luxurious materials and embellishments. Like Summum’s hot topic for this season: the round-neck top made from luxurious, shimmering jacquard fabric. Wear it with the matching kick-flare trousers, and it’s almost a jumpsuit. Festive, fun and full of life. Just what we all want.


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