Sweet peachy pop

Juicy fruit, summer in
your wardrobe. Allow yourself to be tempted by berry and peach.

Whatever the weather, lush colours like red currant, peach and strawberry red are tastefully ushering in spring. Start off soft and smooth with a suit in a summery soft hue like peach. The jacket and trousers look smart together – great as an office outfit – and you can give the rest of your wardrobe a sophisticated kick as well with the individual pieces. Wear the trousers with a striped top in strawberry and white or see how the jacket gives flared jeans in love-worn peach a bit more of a polished look. As summer approaches, the hankering for red current and strawberry colours will arrive all on its own. You can easily combine the wide trousers with white tops, like the blouse with contrasting embroidery or a lovely piece with embroidery – another big trend... Want to get more style miles out of your berry clothing item? Then invest in a jacket that you will wear often. A sturdy bomber jacket in a spicy orange-red colour will give the rest of your wardrobe a lift, and putting it on is a snap. Easy.

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