Oxidized copper

Copper is a fun surprise for this summer – beautiful with its natural contrast colour green.

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An inexhaustible source of inspiration in nature. An initial thought: everything that grows and blooms, flora and fauna. But also natural processes such as corrosion speak to the imagery. Take the oxidation of copper, for example. The rust-brown colour of copper is nicely highlighted in materials with a slight sheen. And just like in nature, this tint goes exceptionally well with the green hue that develops when the copper gets a patina over time. In prints, the colours blend into a charming tie-dye. Accessories in sea foam green and matcha reinforce the image and imbue it with an additional summery accent. And the overall feeling? A little boho, also due to the loose styles of the pieces. This works really well with layers. Wear the long tunic over the flowy trousers in copper-coloured satin, for example. Wear it with flats for daytime and with heels and a belt when you want a bit more pizzas.


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